All defensive equipment has been condensed to a single piece of armor, plus a helmet. There are several classes of armor, each better or worse at dealing with different types of damage, but to discourage players from just carrying several sets of armor around, armor can only be equipped/unequipped at a workbench. This simulates armor being not just a simple piece of clothing, but rather an entire suit that has to be carefully fitted and attached to the body.

Armor ClassesEdit

There are five classes of armor, listed below with typical stats for high-level armor (actual stats will depend on the rarity and level of the armor):

Armor Class Damage Type
Physical Thermal Electric Corrosive Entropic
Ceramic 100 150 40 90 20
Polymer 100 70 110 80 40
Metallic 140 50 80 90 40
Organic 90 70 40 130 70
Resonant 60 80 80 60 120

Rule of thumb: max-level armor should add up to a total of 400

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