Character control in Entropic Void is most similar to Bastion; unlike other ARPGs like Diablo, Torchlight, Path of Exile, etc., you do not click to move. Instead, you use WASD to move and the mouse to turn and attack.


The camera is always centered on the player's character, in an isometric view. The camera can be rotated with the PAGEUP and PAGEDOWN keys. The camera can also be zoomed in or out with the mousewheel. Pressing the END key will reset the orientation and zoom to default.


Movement is controlled via the W A S D keys. Holding the SHIFT key will allow you to sprint as long as you aren't crippled. The SPACE key will cause you to dodge. If you are standing still, you will dodge in place (think Smash Bros). If you are moving, you will dodge in that direction. Both sprinting and dodging use stamina; you can get ~2.5 dodges or 10 seconds of sprint off a full stamina bar.


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To attack, use LMB for your primary attack and RMB for your secondary attack. Your character will always face your cursor, so make sure you are facing the direction you wish to attack in!

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