Crafting allows you to create equipment, upgrades, or consumables (pharmaceuticals). All craftable equipment can be crafted in all possible stat combinations for that rarity.

Item Level and RarityEdit

Items of a given rarity can only be crafted up to the level of the next rarity. That is, even though Obsolete items can still appear at levels 40+, Obsolete items can only be crafted up to level 29; at level 30, Advanced items begin being crafted. Items of a given rarity will be craftable at several levels. The stats of the item are determined by its level. Craftable levels:

Item Rarity Craftable Levels
Junk 5, 10, 14
Obsolete 15, 22, 29
Advanced 30, 35, 39
Prototype 40, 45, 49
Transcendent 50

Crafting MaterialsEdit

Crafting materials can be obtained by salvaging items, or bought from other players. Items require specific crafting materials to make; each crafting material class exists for all rarities and the rarity of the crafted item determines the rarity of its input materials. Items of the same rarity but different levels will require different amounts of crafting materials.

There are three types of crafting materials: Simple, Special, and Gems. Simple materials are used to craft base components of an item, determining the item class. Special materials apply effects, such as attribute bonuses in the case of armor and weapons. Each class of special material is associated with one of the five attributes, so to craft an item with specific attribute bonuses you will need the corresponding special materials. Gems are associated with damage types and can be used to create weapons with different damage types.

Material Class Junk Obsolete Advanced Prototype Transcendent
Simple Materials
Special Materials
Minerals (might)
Chemicals (agility)
Radioactive (perception)
Toxins (resilience)
Herbs (fortitude)
Onyx (physical) Onyx Dust Onyx Chip Onyx Sliver Onyx Crystal Onyx Gem
Ruby (thermal) Ruby Dust Ruby Chip Ruby Sliver Ruby Crystal Ruby Gem
Quartz (electric) Quartz Dust Quartz Chip Quartz Sliver Quartz Crystal Quartz Gem
Emerald (corrosive) Emerald Dust Emerald Chip Emerald Sliver Emerald Crystal Emerald Gem
Entropium (entropic) Entropium Dust Entropium Chip Entropium Sliver Entropium Crystal Entropium Gem


Crafting LevelEdit


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