Pharmaceuticals are consumable items that can be crafted, bought, or found. Pharmaceuticals give temporary boosts to a character's abilities. Only one effect can be active at a time; consuming a pharmaceutical while under the effects of another one will dispel the previous effect. Unlike equipment, pharmaceuticals do not follow a linear pattern; each pharmaceutical exists in only one rarity, and higher level pharmaceuticals serve mainly to provide more unique/interesting effects, not necessarily better ones.

Possible EffectsEdit

This is a running list of potential effects to be implemented:

  • Increased stamina recharge
  • Reduced skill recharge
  • Reduced affliction duration
  • Increased affliction duration
  • % of attribute added to another attribute
  • Reduced physical/etc. damage
  • Increased physical/etc. damage
  • Increased attack speed, decreased damage
  • Increased damage, decreased attack speed
  • No health regeneration delay
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